Night Riding

Group night rides are really fun. Not only do you get the comradery of fellow fatbikers, but you also see the terrain in an entirely different light. Its sort of eerie having darkness framing the small section of trail that we can see. When the trail is good and everyone is cruising along . . . 

Its sort of hypnotic. Gotta love the night rides.

We start this ride with 16 riders representing most major brand of fatbikes - Surly, Norco, Salsa, 9Zero7, Specialized, Kona and even a Borealis. There was carbon, aluminum, steel, blutos, 3.8s, 4.8s, studs and studless . . . a great mix. Tire pressure seemed to be critical with many airing down so they could float on the thin white line. A great 2.5 hour run.

I hope you enjoy the video.