Vee Bulldozer (PSC) in White | Review

As mentioned in Bulldozer Sneak Peek, Vee Tire have have made some changes to the Bulldozer for 2016 which include offering the tire in a Pure Silica Compound (PSC).

This is what Vee Tire have to say about the Bulldozer
The bulldozer plows through any terrain you can challenge. Center tread knobs are shaped to grip hard and keep you on the trail. Built for the most demanding fatbike riders, the Bulldozer's aggressive side and transition knobs keep you upright and provide excellent grip in the corners.
This tire is not actually true white, its more off-white and this treatment is exclusive to the PSC compound.  This compound allows the tire to perform better on ice, makes it quieter and allows less debris to stick to the tire.  Its the softest of all the Vee Tire rubber compounds.

Be sure to check out the video below for some up close and personal shots and actual field test footage.


Taking a look at the tire tread you will see alternating ramped single and double lugs down the center.  These are flanked by staggered rectangular transitional lugs and evenly spaced side lugs.

The Pure Silica Compound is indeed softer than the single compound Bulldozer, although the tread pattern is identical.

The packaging indicates that the tires are 4.7" wide, however when checked with a caliper they run closer to 4 1/8".  That's about 1/2" smaller than advertised.

They do weigh in as claimed at 1380g.


There was a distinct lack of the white stuff while taking the Bulldozer out on the trail.  So I will report back on the snow performance later.

I found that this tire likes to move quickly.  I'm thinking it's because of the linear center lug pattern, so when this tire gets on the hard packed it wants to roll fast.

Consequently, when cornering fast in the loose stuff you will notice some dirt drifting, however the side lugs will dig in and pull you through.

The super sticky PSC compound allows the tire to stick to rock so you can climb all day long.

There is minimal slippage when you get the Bulldozers into wet, muddy and slimy conditions.  The tread pattern and PSC compound allow the tire to self-clean quite well in all but the super stickiest of goo.

They also clean up quite well with a spray from the hose and a slight scrub with a nylon brush for the stubborn areas.


At 4 1/8" these tires fit between the 4" and 5" tire options.  They will offer a little more winter float for people currently running 4" tires, and will be a little more nimble for those running 5" winter tires and looking for something a little narrower for the summer.

As the PSC is really soft, you may want to consider the MPC version of the Bulldozer if you frequent pavement or concrete on a regular basis.  The MPC is less sticky and a little tougher. 

If you are looking for a versatile do all tire, that likes to run fast, then check out the Vee Bulldozer . . . it may be what you are looking for.


  1. Awesome review!! I will be ordering a pair for my bike soon!

  2. Had my Bulldozer blow off the rim of my Fuji twice. second time it destroyed the bead. My new Vee bulldozer will not seat evenly on either rim. Anyone else have this issue?

  3. I heard that there were issues with some 'Dozer tires. I'd say go back to you LBS or contact Vee directly.

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  5. Had my Bulldozer blow off the rim of my Fuji twice. second time it destroyed the bead. My new Vee bulldozer will not seat evenly on either rim. Anyone else have this issue?

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