Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19 | Compact Expandable Storage

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19

A short while ago Fatbike Republic had the opportunity to test the Axiom fatbike specific cargo rack called the Fatliner.  Its is a tough and versatile way to carry extra cargo on your fattie.

In addition to bicycle cargo racks Axiom Cycling Gear also carry a multitude of bags and baskets to accentuate your riding experience. Fatbike Republic was given the opportunity to review the Paddywagon EXP 19 and the Barkeep DLX 16.

Click HERE to take a look at the Barkeep DLX 16.


As mentioned in the Fatliner review, Axiom Cycling Gear not only design and develop cycling gear that works . . . they are also committed to the environment.

Whether the goal is daily commuting, granfondos or weekend recreation, we make bags that cover a lot of ground. Axiom panniers incorporate only the highest quality materials and are assembled using cutting edge manufacturing processes, so they're incredibly lightweight and last a lifetime. Every bag we make reflects the extraordinary attention to detail that is Axiom's hallmark. We sweat the details so riders can relish in the journey.

And Axiom stands behind their products with a guarantee warranted against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the original purchaser.


The Paddywagon EXP 19 is the Cadillac of the Axiom Trunk Bag lineup. At a MSRP of $129.99 CAD this insulated trunk bag is expandable, has multiple organizer pockets, a top-load bungee and a pump mount.

Additional details:

 - Constructed of 600D polyester with 3M reflective panels
 - Water resistant
 - Universal Velcro attachment system
 - 19L/1160 cu in of storage
 - Weighs only 613 g / 1.35 lbs
 - Branded rain cover included
 - Handy shoulder strap for carrying when off bike
 - Expandable: Main compartment and hidden panniers

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19
This is one well though out and well constructed piece of equipment. 

The exterior of the bag contains a zippered pouch on the rear, pump mount (non drive side), embroidered grab strap on the front, and an adjustable bungee net on the top. 

Four velcro straps secure the bag to just about any bike rack, and in this case it’s a Fatliner.

As its difficult to visualize 19L of storage I grabbed a 1L tetra pack of one of my favorite non alcoholic beverages for scale.

Opening the top to the carnivorous interior there is a mesh pouch on the underside of the lid, a small pouch at the rear of the bag and an adjustable divider for the insulated compartment.

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19 Trunk Bag

nd this is where this Paddywagon EXP 19 gets really interesting. In the top there is a second zipper that when opened almost doubles the interior storage capacity.  For additional space there are mini panniers hidden in the side pouches. These zippered bags also have bungee hooks that secure the base to the bike rack. Good thinking.

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19 Trunk Bag

I decided to weigh the Paddywagon and it actually weighed in 558g which is 55g lighter than the claimed 613g.

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19 Trunk Bag

To keep things dry when it gets extra wet, just wrap the bright yellow rain cover over the bag. In addition to having a reflective stripe on the rear, there are velcro straps to ensure the elasticized bottom stays put.

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19 Cover

The Paddywagon EXP 19 installs to a rear rack with four Velcro strips . . . one in each corner. This is not a proprietary mounting system so it will easily work with just about any rear rack. And it stays put as well. I forgot to remove the bag one day, before the drive home, and after 30 minutes at 100kph it was still strapped to the rack.

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19 trunk bag


The Paddywagon EXP 19 was mounted to a street based Norco Bigfoot (Fatrod) and an off-trail Norco Sasquatch 6.1 for testing.

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19 trunk Bag
Hitched to an Axiom Fatliner, in both on and off-road conditions, the Paddywagon did not budge from its perch.  The pump did have to be cinched down tight as it tended to migrate slightly (sliding back a forth), but there was no chance of losing it.  The more vibration the more often the pump moved.

Food and beverage items thrown inside the bag did stay cool, and the divider did keep items separated.  If carrying squishable items, like bananas, you may want to add some padding so that the items do not dance around and become mushy.  I used a couple of zip-top sandwich baggies filled with air. The rougher the terrain the greater need for the mush protection. I discovered this the hard way.

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19 Trunk bag
The built in panniers did come in quite handy on several occasions.  I headed out wearing a light rain jacket one day and when it cleared the jacket stuffed neatly in the pannier.  Another time after fixing a flat tire, the slightly inflated tube was jammed into the pannier so I could get back to riding more quickly.  The attached hook, when clipped into the frame kept it from flapping around.

I did get caught in some extended duration heavy drizzle, and while I did have the rain cover with me, I never thought to slip it over the bag.  The outside of the bag did get wet and the contents stayed dry.

While not tested in winter conditions, the insulated bag does indeed keep water from freezing.  I popped a bottle of water into the Paddywagon and placed it in a chest freezer for three hours.  The result . . . cool water and nowhere near frozen.  It should also keep your granola bars nice and chewy as well.

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19

The water resistant material and zippers will also prevent the white stuff from getting inside the case and getting the contents damp and soggy.


While not a specifically dedicated fatbike product, the Paddywagon EXP 19 does have applications in the fat world.  

For day trips, heading out exploring, or wanting to get the gear out of your backpack . . . the Paddywagon EXP 19 is a great option. Each pannier can comfortably carry a jacket and a few other small pieces of clothing.  Throw in some food and other necessities in the bag and off you go.

You will not have to scramble to strap on the rain cap as it is relatively waterproof on its own, and the shoulder strap makes carrying the bag a breeze.

The Paddywagon EXP 19 is extremely well constructed and the insulating properties of the bag will keep stuff cool during the summer and more importantly . . . from freezing solid during the winter. 

Head on over to the Axiom site to take a close look at the Paddywagon EXP 19 and the Barkeep DLX 16 or visit your favorite on-line retailer or local bike shoppe.

Ride on!