You can't ride THAT here ! | Fatbike on Mountain Bike Trail

I recently went to take a spin on a local mountain bike trail on the Ithaqua 2S.  As I was leaving the parking lot a loud car pulled in with two full-suspension mountain bikes [skinnies] strapped to a trunk rack.  I thought to myself "there are another couple of guys out to enjoy the trails".

A short time later, while stopping to take a few pics of the Ithaqua, I was passed by two "skinny" riders on the bikes I recognized from the loud car.  As they climbed past me I thought I saw one of them give me a "you're here on THAT look".

I caught up with them at the top of the climb and I got the look again.  And they followed up with a few words.

Biker One: You can't ride that here?

Me: Why not?

Biker One: Because its one of those fatbikes?

Biker Two: Yea, they are only good in snow?

Me: They are super in snow actually.  And they are quite capable as any hardtail in the dirt.  I have been up here many times

[I actually heard their eyes roll]

Biker Two: Yea well a buddy of mine borrowed one and rode it in Pippy [another local trail] and said it was a real dog.

Me: Have you guys ever rode a fatbike?


Me: Why don't you guys go ahead.  I'm going to grab a snack out of my backpack. I'll see you later.

[I lied.  I just didn't want them in my sight any longer]

They looked at each other, mounted their bikes and headed down the trail.  I gave them what I though was a sufficient head start and in no time at all I had caught up and passed them.  Was I riding kamikaze to prove a point . . . nope . . . just my normal non-threatening enjoying the scenery pace.  

[Well I did kick it up a notch when I actually passed them.]

That was the last I saw of those guys . . . they never even made it to the scenic portion of the trail.  They did not pass me and when I got back to the parking lot the car was gone.

This video is dedicated to my new riding buddies.

Ride Fat !


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