Sneak Peek | Vee Crown Gem 27.5 x 3.8

Not all that long ago fatbike tires came in one rims size - 26".  More recently fat 27.5 hoops have been making their way to LBS floors.  In response, tire manufacturers have been adding 27.5 fatbike tires to their lineup - and for Vee Tire that means the Crown Gem.

Measuring in at a true 3.6" this tire is narrower than the majority of 26 x 4" meats, with the ramped multi-angled rectangular lug design showing promise on the dirt track.

With a TPI of 120 and a durometer rating of 58 (medium), these tires should provide plenty of grip.  Stay tuned for a full ride report as Fatbike Republic attempts to pound these tires into submission.