Blivet Sports | QUILO Fatbike Boot

Winter footwear options tend to be a popular fat bike topic when the weather turns cold. Riders generally want to keep their feet warm, dry and comfortable without having to deal with super bulky boots.

Fatbike Republic has already introduced Blivet Sports with a sneak peek and reviews of their cold weather gear aimed squarely at fatbikers.

Boddi – Personal storage pouch

- Koll – Unique helmet with built in visor

- Lofi3 – Lined lobster claw gloves

Now its time to take a close look at their sport oriented winter focused QUILO fatbiking boot.


The QUILO comes packaged in standard footwear boxing, sporting the Blivet logo and colours, and is available in sizes EURO 36 – 48 (US 4.5 – 14).

Opening the box you are greeted with a very athletic looking boot with impressive fit-n-finish. Sitting 21 cm (8.25) tall these boots look to provide great coverage.

Starting at the base of the boot is an aggressive, yet flexible, Vibram sole made of special "xs Trek" rubber with the ability to go clip-less if you choose.

The boot itself is manufactured with 200g of Thinsulate insulation combined with an EVA thermal wall. The uppers are made of water-resistant synthetic leather and 600-denier polyester with a multilayered, highly heat-resistant removable insole made of 70% wool.

Blivet made sure there was ample toe room in the QUILO by including their Liszt Air toe box in the design of the boot.

A unique dual-lacing system with automatic lock, reflective strips, D-rings for gaitors, upper velcro tightening strap and tongue & heel loops complete the construction of these boots.

Dropping the boots on the scale they weigh in at 1092 g which is pretty close to the claimed 1062 g.


Shoe and boot sizing can be a hit or miss at times. In my go to summer shoe (Five Tens) I have routinely been a size 42. As I would be wearing the QUILO during the winter season I opted to go with a size 43 to give me a little extra room for a thick pair of socks.

I was a little nervous when slipping them on for the first time as I was hoping they would not be to big as I did size up. I was pleased to discover that with or without a heavy sock, the QUILOs fit me quite comfortably.

I found that the dual lacing system gave me a super custom fit. Tightening up the lower laces first snugged the boot around the foot, and tightening up the top sealed the boot against the calf. You can adjust the system to be as loose or tight as you like.

The laces come in one length and can be trimmed to a preferred length. I used the boots several times before I shortened the laces . . . and this allowed them to be more easily tucked away in the hidden pocket in top of the boot tongue.

Now its time to hit the trails to see how they feel and react to different riding conditions.


I received the QUILOs in late spring when temperatures were still rather cool, but not exactly winter like. I did find that my feet got a little toasty with the extra socks when the temperatures climbed – so I stuck to one pair.

Much of the late spring conditions were more muddy and damp rather than crisp and cold. I found that the QUILOs did keep my feet comfortable, warm and dry whether I was clipped in or riding flats.

An intentional - and not recommended - prolonged submersion in an open stream did confirm that they are not rain boots (waterproof) but are more water resistant in nature.

The QUILOs were cleaned and parked during the summer months and came out to play when the fall temperatures dropped and conditions became muddy and damp.

The boots once again were very comfortable on my feet, protecting them from the elements (mud and dampness) and stuck to flats in all but the most aggressive riding conditions.

As I have added some semi-custom orthotic insoles in my active footwear, I was glad to see that the QUILO insoles are easily removable and there is plenty of room to fit what I wanted.

As the days grew shorter and colder, with water freezing and snow accumulating I added a heavy sock to my wardrobe. The huge toe box in the QUILOs gave ample room to accommodate the sock and any extra toe wiggling.

When finally getting into the conditions for which the QUILOs were designed I found that the dual-lacing system provided a snug and comfy fit every time I headed out. 

I never felt any cold creep into my toes during any rides, with the coldest temperature hovering somewhere around -15 C. I could probably manage a heavier pair of socks if needed.

The design of the boot also allowed me to run an errand or two before heading to the trails. Driving and hard surface walking were quite doable with the flexible bottom and the Vibram soul not packing up with snow during a few hike-a-bikes.

After one particularly heavy snow storm I decided to do a little snowshoeing to help beat down the trails. I normally wear a lite winter boot, but this time I reached for the QUILOs. 

They strapped in comfortably and kept my feet warm while preparing the trails for my next ride.


When designing the QUILO, the folks at Blivet Sports had a more performance oriented boot in mind focusing on lightness, wearing comfort and walking ability for the inevitable hike-a-bikes and quick coffee shop jaunts.

I have put almost six months of trail time on these boots - from pristine snow to excessively muddy trail conditions. While they have not been subjected to excessively frigid polar temperatures, my feet have yet to get cold.

The boots are comfortable to walk in – on and off-trail – and work well clipped in or when running flats. And through all the use, the QUILOs have cleaned up easily and have shown little wear.

If in the market for a pair of winter fatbike boots be sure to check out the QUILO by Blivet Sports.