StaFast Suspension Stem

When I first saw the StaFast suspension stem I thought that it would be the perfect addition to a fatbike. Sure there is front suspension available for fatbikes, but its not a simple bolt on and go. 

And do you really need 120 mm of front squish riding on a carpet of snow? Not really. What you do need is something that will take the odd jarring bump from hitting ice and hard snow, or dropping into a frozen footprint.

On their site StaFast says . . .

By replacing a standard bicycle stem with Stafast, strain on a rider’s upper body is decreased dramatically; and unlike other dampening components on the market, StaFast lessens impact without sacrificing performance.”

In this video I unbox and install the StaFast stem on my Norco Bigfoot.

Field testing to follow.

Ride Fat !