Skinny Tires on a Fatbike ?

So what’s up with that?

FRAMED bikes have a Fattie Slims wheel set and recently Pivot Cycles announced their slick LESFat with the ability to run 29” rims and skinny tires. Both companies essentially tout that it makes their bike more versatile.

Fatbikes themselves are quite versatile and slapping on a set of VEE Speedsters with 30lbs of air will give you an urban assault bike that Mad Max would be proud to ride.

I’m not sure if I’m sold on putting skinny tires on a fatbike, but swapping out a wheel set would take a little less time, there would be less rolling resistance and weight than running 4” tires and wide rims.

I’m guessing its one of those things you would have to try to see if it actually works or is marketing hype.