Fatbike Fenders

Fat tires are great . . . we all know that.  They give us super flotation on snow and crazy grip on dirt.  But they can also kick up an awful mess of mud and other stuff when conditions are right.

Over the last year I have experimented with different designs to keep both me and my bike clean.

I have tried mounting one to the rear rack bolts . . .

Attaching under the seat . . .

However the most successful design is based on this template.

The material comes in many colours and is easily sourced wherever there is snow.  Crazy carpets.  For under $5 you can have enough material to outfit several bikes.  I have also seen place mats or flexible cutting boards made from the same material in dollar stores.

One afternoon I thought I would swap out the black with a little colour. 

Its as simple as trace with a sharpie . . .

Cut with normal scissors . . .

Drill out the mounting holes.

I mounted them to the bike with black zip ties that I got from a dollar store.

Rear fender

Frame fender

Front fender


Here is the PDF of the template for the front and the rear fender. Tape the two 8.5 x 11 pages together and that will make the front fender.  

Lengthening the square end will give you the rear fender.

The frame fender is 5" wide and 18" long (the full width of the crazy carpet). Cutting it this way uses the natural rolling of the material to make a nice curve in the fender.

Ride Fat !


  1. I've looked at a lot of fenders for my fatty, but they all seem to be overkill. I really want something simple, this looks great! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I have a seat version that I will be posting soon. :-)

    2. Excellent, I look forward to it!!

  2. I have made a vector line drawing .pdf of your file. Would you like to take a look at it?

  3. Replies
    1. Let me know where to send a .pdf to you. I also posted pics on Fat Bikes on facebook on Dec 15 of the fenders that I made. I have made several alterations to the initial design since I first made them.

    2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefatbikes/permalink/1494702590558152/

      here is look

    3. Nice job on the fender. I like the material. fatbikerepublic@gmail.com

  4. Great job! I'm interested, but I'm unfamiliar with the material or where to get it. What is it called and what stores have it? I don't live where it snows, but I could drive to where it snows in a couple hours!

    1. Crazy carpets are a kids winter slide. I believe you can get them on-line as well. Table place mats, flexible cutting boards or cheap binders are also other possible options. stores.

  5. Lovely use of blue plastic, looks really smart. The binders idea is a good suggestion. Thanks.

    1. I have used binders. The only issue is that the plastic doesn't hold up well to cold weather. Anything under -10 Celcius and they crack and break apart.

  6. Or,try these..i made 2 in 1...a pair blue and a pair black..came up nice,i guess :p

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  8. Insanely comprehensive :)

    Thank you so much,
    Now I have something to read during the holidays. This will take a while but well worth it like always
    You can read another one here the motorbiker


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