What is in my fat toolbox?

When I jumped head first into fatbikes I decided it was time to start collecting tools and doing some of my own bike work.  I still do frequent my LBS for some repairs out of my current skill range, but as my knowledge (and nerve) increase my visits to my bike mechanic will be more to shoot the breeze and drop off coffees and Cliff bars.

My initial bike specific purchases were quite modest: tire levers, bike multi tool, pressure gauge, spoke wrench, patch kit, floor pump, pedal wrench and a three way hex key.  These tools did what I needed them to do allowing me to do small repairs.

It wasn't until my darling wife gave me a bike stand and Park Tool BB3 for Christmas that I realized that I was needing to up my game and get some more serious tools.

The BB3 is an amazing book that explains step by step procedures for just about everything.

I opted not to buy a pre-built bike tool kit, but purchase the tools that I need when I need them.  I buy locally when I can, but most of my purchases are made on-line.

My first real purchase was a chain whip and cassette removal tool from local bike shops.  Pretty much a must have when working on a fatbike.

Then I made a rather large purchase from Chain Reaction.  I spent quite a bit of time prowling their site picking out a pile of goodies that included:

- Crank Extractor
- External BB Tool
- Chain Rivet Extractor
- Chainring Nut Wrench
- Chain Wear Indicator
- Master Link Pliers
- Brake Piston Press
- Crank Bolt Install Tool

Next on the list was a 12 piece metric hex key set from Princess Auto.  No more fumbling with the folding multi-piece hex key set.  Saved a bundle over the brand name options.

Being a woodworker I have no problem buying brand name tools, however I also have no problem saving a buck to invest elsewhere . . . or to buy more tools.

And finally my tool box.  Less than $20 at a big box store.  Unfortunately its getting quite full already.

And there are also bits-n-pieces, odds-n-ends of miscellaneous bike stuff for repairs.  The list includes and is not limited to: master links, chainring bolts, washers, tubes, QRs, etc.  

That's what I have in my tool box . . . what should I add next?



  1. Zip ties of different sizes. I always need them for shimming mounts for odometers and other quick repairs, but they always get used up (and therefore I have none) if I don't set them aside with my bike repair kit.

  2. You can't go wrong with a set of cable cutters. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to hack your way through a cable using the wrong tool!!


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