Boost 148 | Pony Rustler

A short time ago here on Fatbike Republic is was proposed that the future of full suspension fatties would be tied to Boost 148 which would allow a 29er to run wider 27.5+ rims coupled with a 27.5+ tire.

Well on July 20, 2015 the forward thinking, envelope pushing people over at Salsa unveiled their 2016 Pony Rustler . . . a Boost 148 full suspension semi-fat beauty rocking 650b with 3" tires.  It 
fits squarely in the 1.5" gap between the Horse Thief and Bucksaw.

Does this mean the end of the full-suspension 4" fattie or is it just another option for the fat fanatics?

For 2016 Salsa has offered up three full-suspension fatties: Bucksaw Carbon X01 and Bucksaw X01 (direct carryovers from 2015) and a  redesigned Bucksaw GX1.  These year-two offerings from Salsa happen while we have yet to see other mainstream fatbike manufacturers pony up with their full-suspension fatties.

Will we soon have access to a bonanza of Boost 148 semi-fatbikes, or will the Pony Rustler be the only bike in a one horse town?