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Many people ask me do they need studded tires for the winter.  My standard reply is "You only have to go down on ice once to get that answer".

There are three primary ways to add ice traction to your fatmobile.  Firstly, you can do homegrown self-studding by inserting screws from the inside of your tire.  Secondly, you can purchase one of several screw in type studs that insert from the outside into the tire's lugs.  Finally, you can purchase a set of expensive pre-studded tires.

There is actually a fourth option . . . purchase studless tires and stud them yourself. offer two types of aluminum bodied carbide tipped studs, for pocketed tires, at fantastic prices.  And they have a proprietary tool that makes installation a breeze.

Stay tuned as Fatbike Republic takes a closer look at this ice traction option.

Ride on!