Whiteway Pond Loop

Parking at the top of Peter's Place off Indian Meal Line, I followed the old road until I got to a fork and turned right.  This ATV trail meanders through the woods until it hit another junction.  

Turning right will take you back to Indian Meal Line, left will take you to a nice swoopy downhill section that took me to Birchy Hill Nap Road.  I crossed the bridge over Route 20, turned left following the ATV trail and riding several hundred feet until I hit the underpass for Robin’s Pond Hill Road.

Once through the underpass, a quick right to ride parallel to Route 20 again, and crossed the top of Whiteway Pond.  Turning left on Whiteway Pond Road that joins into Great Pond Road and a slow climb to the gravel pit. When at the top of the pit its pretty much a downhill to Peter's Place.

The ride is about 5 km and takes about 1.5 hours at a leisurely pace.