Searching for Snow - 200 km | Ride Video

It was mid-March and some very warm temperatures killed out winter fatbiking trails.  A few of us wanted to ride some snow and we heard that there were decent conditions 200 km away.  So we packed up our fatties and headed out over the highway to test the snow in some unfamiliar conditions.

After a two hour drive the trail started with a climb.  It leveled out and then we hit a looong climb.  The climbs were worth it as conditions were amazing - blue skies, warm, no wind with unlimited visibility and 360 degrees of scenery.  

On the way back those brutal ascents were crazy fun descents

What a hoot !

Four hours (24 km) of super fatbike riding.

Enjoy the video!


  1. WOW !!!!
    I am not yet ready, (not fit), to do so, but I am aiming towards that kind of high craziness...
    That sounds like a truck load of fun.
    What is your group age?

  2. The craziness starts off small and it was fun. Can't give out age secrets, but we are all old enough to know better.


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