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Earlier this season Fatbike Republic introduced you to Blivet Sports with a sneak peek of their cold weather gear aimed squarely at fatbikers. A comprehensive review of the sweet Boddi personal storage pouch was done earlier this season, and now Fatbike Republic will take a close look into Blivet Sports other gear – Koll and Lofi3.

BODDI Storage Pouch


According to the folks at Blivet, this CPSC certified helmet was specifically designed for cold temperature activities to keep your noggin warm and your face protected from the winter elements. In case you were wondering . . . Koll means “head without hair” in Norse.

The helmet is available in a single universal size (covering 54 to 60 cm head circumference) that allows the wearing of a slim hat.

At first glance the Koll helmet is pretty unique with its shiny black micro-plastic outer surface, lack of venting and pivoting lens.

This first generation Koll came with two lenses - transparent and mirror. Perforations along the top, bottom and sides allow for air movement that reduces steaming while still protecting your face and eyes from cold winds.

With lens mounted, the helmet weighed in at 350 g which is a shade lighter than the claimed 353 g.

Dropping the bucket on my largish skull I was anticipating that it would not be overly comfortable with the slim looking padding inside. 

I was pleasantly surprised that it was quite comfortable after tightening up the rear micro-adjuster dial . . . especially when wearing a light balaclava.

Upon closer inspection of the Koll, I was able to further adjust the fit as the micro-adjuster has a Low – Medium - High setting. This adjuster can be carefully popped out and placed in another position to make the fit super comfy. Note: it was recommended that this be done inside and not in the cold.

The clear and mirrored lenses are easily swapable by “unscrewing” the black dials on either side of the helmet, popping off the lens, sliding on the new one and reinstalling the dials.

Heading out in the cold and snowy trails I found the Koll did keep my head from getting cold. While the lack of ventilation holes kept in the heat, it did not cause me to over heat and sweat on cold days. And the Koll did remain comfortable after several hours of riding.

I tried both of the lenses and neither one of them fogged up, nor did they get in the way of my glasses. I did kinda like the Robo Cop look of the mirrored lens though.

When encountering other rides on the trails there was a distinct “love it” or “hate it” to the matte and shiny black helmet. I personally love the look of the Koll and was the helmet I reached for when temperatures were cold.


According to Blivet, the Lofi 3s were developed for high intensity / low velocity winter activities. They were designed to excel in conditions where the body develops a lot of BTUs when moving slow – such as snowshowing and fatbiking vs down hill skiing. Lofi means “palm of the hand” in Norse.

The 3-in-1 lobster claw design is adaptable, according to the temperature, with it windproof and water repellent polyester exterior shell and varying weight fleece liners. The liners are 100% machine washable and come in two weights: 200g for temps down to -10C and 300g for temps colder than -10C.

The interior of the outer shell also has a polyurethane film that evacuates moisture.

The palm and thumb-index area of the glove are covered in soft yet wear-resistant amara synthetic leather, with printed silicone dots to provide a firm grip on the bars. 

And for those of us who need to check their phone while riding, the tip of the thumb has touch screen capabilities.

Dropping the size medium Lofi 3 gloves on the scale, they weighed in at a respectable 114 g with the 200 g and 300 g liners weighing in at 45 g and 54 g respectfully.

The 4” deep cuff sufficiently covered the sleeve of my jacket and pulling on the toggle cinched it up to prevent snow from getting in. 

Not having worn lobster claw gloves in the past, the Lofi 3s did feel a little different on the first couple of rides. They were a little more restrictive than a five-finger and much more usable than a mitt – almost like the best of both worlds.

It was quite easy to carry both sets of liners when on a ride. I found that the 200 g liners kept my hands warm down to -10 C. I did run the 300 g for a while in the same temperatures, but they were a little warm and I had to swap them out for the lighter weigh.

Shifting, braking, grabbing a frozen water bottle and flipping a visor were all possible while wearing the Lofi 3s

Taking pics and setting up an action cam really needed more than three fingers, however the gloves was easy to remove and slip back on. And those silicone dots made the gloves extra grippy.


For a company that is relatively new to the fat bike scene, Blivet Sports have put some serious thought into their fatbiking gear. While the Koll helmet does look different than traditional buckets, it offers some unique features, is comfortable and does a good job at keeping the melon warm. 

The Lofi 3s will allow you to do more than a mitt and less than a glove. While the dual liners allow you to tailor your comfort level, and the exterior shell will protect your paws from the elements.

If you are looking to take a closer look at these and other fine products from Blivet Sports, check them out on-line or at select local bike shops.



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